Pronunciation for Teachers

Because 75% of the world's English teachers are also life-long English learners.

You know English. You've studied English. Perhaps you even teach English. But how confident do you feel when speaking English? 

We provide affordable pronunciation courses and free practice sessions for intermediate and advanced English learners. Join us and discover the secret to speaking confidently!

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Improve your English pronunciation.

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Speak Confidently!

5 weeks with a small group.

Improve your pronunciation with expert training and one-on-one coaching.

Pure Practice

Free. Live. Online. 

Twice each month, we meet live on Zoom to practice spoken English the Color Vowel® way.

Blue Canoe®

Our mobile app.

Get the pronunciation practice you need, and receive patented Color Vowel® feedback. 

Three ways to start speaking more confidently 

Speak Confidently! Small-group Color Vowel® instruction with personalized coaching.

Discover the secrets of English pronunciation in this unique 5-week course for non-native English speaking teachers (NNESTs) and advanced English learners. The course includes expert instruction, brain-based learning activities, weekly video tasks, personalized coaching, and daily practice with Blue Canoe Premium!

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Pure Practice: a free pronunciation 'workout' for English learners around the world!

Immerse yourself in the rhythm of spoken English with Karen Taylor, creator of the Color Vowel® learning system. This 30-minute class meets twice per month and is open to all. Give it a try!

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Blue Canoe: our mobile app

We all know that practice makes progress. Blue Canoe® provides you with a daily lesson to keep you practicing. Our cutting-edge technology combines the Color Vowel® system with voice recognition and AI to provide you with high-quality feedback on your English pronunciation.
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