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Color Vowel® trademark licensing helps you stand out from the competition and informs potential students and faculty that you are committed to excellence in English language instruction with Color Vowel®. Accreditation demonstrates your commitment to implementing the Color Vowel® Approach through the delivery of effective instruction and/or the design of high-quality educational materials that support learner success in their mastery of the English language. Learn more about licensing and accreditation.

Licensed and Accredited Partners

Keenyn Rhodes Clear English Corner

Clear English Corner

Clear English Corner provides online coaching and training programs to international clients looking to polish their pronunciation and feel more clear, confident, and compelling in spoken English. The founder of Clear English Corner and director of Clear English Academy, Keenyn Rhodes, embraces the difference between accent and intelligibility, empowering clients with the knowledge that they don’t have to sound just like a native to speak 100% fabulous English. Training in Clear English Academy integrates the Color Vowel® Approach and the science of motor learning in order for learners to focus on hearing speech sounds and rhythm patterns in a whole new way.

Gabby Academy logo 3

Gabby Academy

Gabby Academy is an online English language school with headquarters in Tokyo, Japan and Vancouver, Canada. Gabby has partnered with the University of Tokyo's neurolinguistics department to develop an innovative, brain-based approach to second-language acquisition. Gabby offers its students live, weekly coaching sessions with a certified English language coach, Color Vowel pronunciation courses, as well as unlimited access to a patent-pending self-training program.

Kaori Ikuta.logo

Ikuta English Coaching

Kaori Ikuta is an English coach based in Portland, Oregon. She teaches Japanese English learners who work or live in an English environment. In her coaching, she focuses on raising the quality of students' English to the level where they can communicate with English speakers without any hardships–balancing speaking, conversation, and pronunciation. Kaori uses the Color Vowel®︎ Approach to help students understand English pronunciation more easily and intuitively.


Southern Cross Language Institute

Southern Cross Language Institute (SCLI) is located in Christchurch, New Zealand. SCLI was established in 1987, in conjunction with the schools of the St Catalina Gakuen in Japan, to provide an intensive one-year course in English for their students and also for independent students. To date, more than 1000 female high school students have graduated from SCLI. Color Vowel® is a recent addition to the school’s curriculum.

Licensed Partners (Accreditation in Progress)


Speakeasy Academy Zarautz

Speakeasy Academy is located in the Basque Country of Spain. Jennifer Gregg, owner and lead instructor, provides conversation-based teaching with an emphasis on pronunciation using the Color Vowel® Approach. Speakeasy offers adult ed classes to small groups and private students for both professional and personal goals.

Our Projects 

Providing resources for teachers, learners, and communities.

DOS and ELP Stacked-blue

US Department of State

The U.S. Department of State’s Office of English Language Programs makes The Color Vowel® Chart available to teachers world-wide via Regional English Language Officers. As of January 2020, over 17,000 posters of the Color Vowel Chart have been distributed to English teachers around the world.

Costa Rica mep

Costa Rica's Ministry of Education

With grant funding through the US Embassy and in collaboration with the Costa Rican Ministry of Education, ELTS has trained hundreds of K-5 English teachers since 2020. The teachers receive Color Vowel® training and use Blue Canoe® to develop the phonemic awareness that is central to effective instruction.



Intercambio and ELTS have been collaborating since 2014 to include the Color Vowel Chart in Intercambio's textbook series, Interactive English. This special collaboration puts the Color Vowel Chart into the hands of thousands of ESL teachers, tutors, and adult English language learners across the United States as part of a high-quality, affordable curriculum that addresses the needs of adult immigrants and their families.


U.S. Peace Corps

ELTS designed the pronunciation teaching component of Peace Corps' new TEFL Certificate curriculum in 2014. The modules include the Color Vowel® Chart and its accompanying multi-modal teaching methods as a way of providing new teachers and their students with a practical tool for learning new vocabulary and mastering spoken English.


Maryland TESOL Association

In 2021, Maryland TESOL facilitated a month-long project through which ESL teachers adapted literacy-level English lessons into interactive, mobile-friendly activities. ELTS trained participants in the effective use of Color Vowel® images to enhance the materials. Out of this project came the EdTech Maker Space: ESL Story Banks.


Hindu American Foundation

HAF and ELTS developed a lesson tool kit for Grade 4-6 classrooms to promote familiarity with Hindu culture and the Hindu celebration of Holi. Color Vowel® integrations provide teachers and children with a clear, effective strategy for pronouncing and using new vocabulary that appear in three folktales that form the cornerstone of the lesson. The Holi Kit became available in Spring of 2019.

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